Monday, April 30, 2018

April WIPocalypse Update

Here we have Beetlewings. He's looking really good, except that he doesn't photograph very well (at least with my skills). I had hoped to have him finished, but oh well, there is always next month.

I've also started on the gift I planned, but I'm not showing that one off here.

And - don't faint - but I finally pulled out the quilt top I was doing for DD, only she's too old for it now, so I'll do it for my niece instead. Hopefully I'll finish it before she's too old for it too. Although I have got further than I remembered, so there is that :)

Friday, April 06, 2018

March WIPocalypse update - with photos even!!!!

I finally have some pieces I can photograph for you. Ok, so the first one isn't much - I didn't get anywhere near as far as I wanted on Allure (I blame work and chores for getting in the way of prime stitching time :) ). But progress on my class that I took at the weekend is going great. So I've put Allure to the side for now and want to finish Beetlewings, Beads and Bling first.

I've also decided that when I get a chance I'm going to add a new list to the side of my blog - all my WIPs and finished projects listed by designer - because I was trying to find the name of a design this afternoon and it took a long time scrolling through the list to find it. It would have been much quicker if I could have gone straight to that designer. But that's a project for another day and will probably just go underneath the lists already there, not replace them or anything. Not that that is probably of much interest to anybody but me :)

So onto the important things: Stitching!!!

Allure (Carolyn Mitchell):

I haven't got very far, but I think once I get going properly it will go quite quick. The class is only up to lesson 2 as well, so I'm not too far behind (says me hopefully).

Beetle-wings and Bling (Julie Clemett):

My class piece from The Great Escape. Doesn't s/he look good? (I still haven't made up my mind whether this is a girl lizard or a boy lizard, and their name keeps changing too). I'm hoping to get this finished quite quickly - I'm going to concentrate on this until it's finished I think.

I've already put in my registration for next years Great Escape - my number one choice is The Catnapper.

Oh - and I found a picture of this little Mill Hill kit on the camera - it doesn't appear that I've shown this to you before. OK, full disclosure - I didn't stitch it. I picked it up prestitched at the guild auction one year, and I finally put it together back in November. Found the instructions - it's called Everygreen Stocking and it's from their Charmed Stocking range.

Wednesday, March 07, 2018

February WIPocalypse Update

It's that time again, where I tell you I didn't achieve much. Except that this time I can say I finished the piece I'll be leading for Cyberpointers. Whoohoo - although I'm still not going to show a photo of it. I finished that on Saturday evening, and have been moving furniture around and finding the bits to set up Allure and Beads, Bling, and Beetlewings. I think I have everything together now, and only one piece of furniture left to move, so hopefully I can get started on setting both of them up, and on the actual stitching for Allure tonight.

Then maybe next month (or earlier) I might even have photos for you again.

On the other hand maybe not as many as you might want, as I also had a brilliant idea for a gift over the weekend, and if I start stitching that too I won't be showing it on here until it's been given (and hopefully the recipient also thinks it's a brilliant idea).

Sunday, February 04, 2018

January Wipocalypse update

Well, not much to report here. I have finished section two of my piece for Cyberpointers. And I have had notification that my kit has reached my US postal address, so will soon be winging its way to NZ and I should have that within the next two weeks - a deadline for finishing the Cyberpointers piece perhaps? Unlikely to happen as this section seems to be the most time consuming, but hey, you never know.

I am also halfway through sorting my craft room - we moved in September to a house with a spare bedroom. The original plan was to have a spare bedroom with some sort of fold up bed so the room could serve duel purpose. But it turned out that the fourth bedroom was really too small for that sort of thing (especially as it has one corner cut off on an angle, and too small for a office (we have a computer and a desk each, so we need a little bit more room than the normal home office - so our dining room does double duty, as it has done for the last few houses - good thing we only have a small dining table).

Anyway, after discussion we decided I could turn the fourth room into my craft/sewing room. So for the first few months it was just the dumping ground for stuff we wanted to get out of the way while we rearranged other rooms. But once those were mostly done, or at least looked presentable, at Christmas I pulled everything out of the room and started setting it up. I got my nice IKEA pine table from where it had been stored at my PIL's, and set it up - I am still looking for the screws to hold the extension flap on, but the main part is done. But that was half the room taken up. Then I managed to squeeze three IKEA Billy bookshelves in there - two were English Billys so they are a bit narrower than the US ones and fitted in the angled wall corner. The other is a deep US one, which fits 64L and 84L Really Useful Boxes perfectly - I've mostly used smaller ones though as handling the larger ones can get awkward sometimes. Then I put my chest of drawers with all the quilting fabric in there and the room is pretty well full. And I still have two pieces of furniture I should be fitting in there somehow.

That was the easy part - now I'm on the hard part of sorting stuff and where it should all go. Again, I've done all the easy bits, and have a shelf of WIPs in the wardrobe. The larger Billy has fabric and thread, and the smaller ones all my books and charts. We won't mention the extra boxes of charts and kits that just have to sit on the floor until I can sort and cull my collection. Or the boxes of magazine pages (I've even got rid of most of the magazine and only kept the patterns I liked and I've still got piles) that are stuffed under the desk until I can figure out what to do there. So now I just have random things to deal with - unfortunately there is still way too much of that and I'm going to slow. I blame work for getting in the way of fun things.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Joining the WIPocalypse

I found a new group to join. OK, so I've been aware of their existence for a while, but I didn't really do much except read a few blogs here and there. Well, now I've decided to join in. Hopefully it'll help me get through a few more WIP's and start blogging a bit more again.

The info for the group is here

But basically it's a monthly check-in to see what progress you've made on your WIPs (new or old), and a way to encourage each other. So I'm going to try it, and I'm going to see if I can make some progress.

Therefore - in the spirit of the WIPocalypse I'm going to list the top three projects I'd like to finish. I don't want to list more than that as then I'll be switching the list around so often it'll do my head in. But as I finish one project I'll add another to the bottom of the list. That should hopefully keep me on track, while still allowing me lots of room to change my mind about what I want to do.

1. The piece I'm leading for Cyberpointers at the July meeting. There won't be photos of this until after the meeting, as although it's a chapter book project and so not secret or anything, I just don't feel right posting it since I am doing it for an event. Good news though - it naturally divides into three parts, and I am almost finished the second part.

2. I was going to put Heart/Echoes of Elizabeth here, but well, you know me and new projects. So I signed up for another class. It's a Cyberworkshop with ANG called Allure (about a third of the way down this page), and is supposed to start on Feb 1st. But due to me being on the other side of the world, and things being a bit snowy in the US, I don't have my kit yet, so I don't think I'll be starting it then - and of course I want to finish project 1 first anyway.

3. And I'm guessing that will take me to March easily - whereupon I'm signed up for another workshop here in Auckland called the Embroiderers Great Escape and I'm doing a project called Beetlewings, Beads and Bling (class 4 in the list).

What are the chances I'll actually finish all those three before the next shiny thing comes along and not get distracted?

Friday, November 03, 2017

Flyways finish

Flyways is finished. OK, so I finished it a month ago, but it's still a finish.

Sunday, July 02, 2017

A finish and some framing

I finished Hot Air Balloons. Maybe one day I'll sew some binding around the edge, but probably it will just go in the drawer with the other things.

I framed Irresistible Iridescents (and it looks much better in real life)

And Desert Diamonds

And Winter Scenery. This one looks a bit funny as the picture was taken with it flat on a chair, but I've rotated the photo so you can see how it's supposed to hang to make the 'lollipop'

Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Desert Diamonds and other progress

I finally finished this class. I actually finished it back on the 13th of December, but I didn't get around to posting it on the blog. So here it is now.

In the evening sun.

Trying to be clever and get the stitches to show up - not sure it worked, but I still like the photo.

Before it was finished, showing the difference between having the background and not having it.

I also had a new year start (or two). I chose Echoes of Elizabeth by Gay Ann Rogers as it's been sitting in my stash calling to me for a while. And since I was doing that I also pulled out Heart of Elizabeth as the two go together. I don't have and aren't interested in the Portrait of Elizabeth, so I think these two are all I'll do of the Elizabeth pieces.

Echoes of Elizabeth

Heart of Elizabeth

I'm thinking I might finish the border on Echoes and then finish up the heart before returning to Echoes.

There has also been more progress on Hot Air Balloons by Audlem Mill too. I'm hoping to have this finished before long, and then I'll work on the third old WIP I pulled out before choosing another group of three.

And I started on the next (and last) round robin which should probably be the first thing I concentrate on stitching.

Last of all, here's my finished by others, but not me yet, round robin :) I have a plan for the corners and borders, and then I guess I'll fill in any gaps that look obvious. But I could still change my mind on what I want to do.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Lambkin Hill (and a couple of others)

A few weeks back I finished Lambkin Hill.

Then I started and finished in a couple of days this little kit of a cat from Mill Hill.

I also finally finished the finishing from the finishing class for standups on Charlie's First Landing. Really there was no reason for it to wait so long - all it needed was the cording tacked down (and DD did most of it for me - guess she got sick of waiting too).

After that I decided it was time to pull out some WIP's and try and finish them off before I get distracted by the next shiny thing. So I pulled out Desert Diamonds, Flyways, and Hot Air Balloons (which isn't really stitching anymore - I only need to glue the stuff that I forget the name of on all the lines).

Oh - and a photo of Blackwork Cats framed

Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Blackwork Cats

I have finished Blackwork Cats by Tanja Berlin.

Of course that also means I started a new piece - Lambkin Hill by Sakoran:

I also found a photo of another couple of RR's I did that I haven't shown you. The first I used pieces from both Just Nan and Dragon Dreams samplers. The second was a mixture of charts I found in my stash.

And my daughters first piece - she started this at the age of 4 and it's taken her 7 years to do. Right on track I think :)