Thursday, September 29, 2016

Lambkin Hill (and a couple of others)

A few weeks back I finished Lambkin Hill.

Then I started and finished in a couple of days this little kit of a cat from Mill Hill.

I also finally finished the finishing from the finishing class for standups on Charlie's First Landing. Really there was no reason for it to wait so long - all it needed was the cording tacked down (and DD did most of it for me - guess she got sick of waiting too).

After that I decided it was time to pull out some WIP's and try and finish them off before I get distracted by the next shiny thing. So I pulled out Desert Diamonds, Flyways, and Hot Air Balloons (which isn't really stitching anymore - I only need to glue the stuff that I forget the name of on all the lines).

Oh - and a photo of Blackwork Cats framed

Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Blackwork Cats

I have finished Blackwork Cats by Tanja Berlin.

Of course that also means I started a new piece - Lambkin Hill by Sakoran:

I also found a photo of another couple of RR's I did that I haven't shown you. The first I used pieces from both Just Nan and Dragon Dreams samplers. The second was a mixture of charts I found in my stash.

And my daughters first piece - she started this at the age of 4 and it's taken her 7 years to do. Right on track I think :)

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Blackwork Cats

My blackwork cats are coming along. I've now finished two cats and am working on the third.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Beautiful Stripe Mini Stocking

As I now have my stitching lamp and comfortable chair back I have set up my stitching area again and I'm off stitching.

My first finish was Beautiful Stripe by Pat Mazu.

It's hard to see the bling, but there is bling :)

Thursday, May 05, 2016

Quilted table mats

I have had the center fabric for these for quite a while, but apart from knowing I wanted to make something for my Uncle, I didn't know anything else. Eventually at the Houston Quilt Show I found a pattern for a octagonal table mat where the center fabric would be showcased - The Centerpiece Tablemat from Sweet Treasures/Terri Staats. Then I had to decide on the outside bits. The breakthrough happened at a quilt store in Nashville where I found the fabric with the train tracks. Once back in Austin I went to a local store and found the other fabrics. The blue and green were fairly easy to decide on, but the backing took a while. Eventually the shop assistant pulled out the brown one that reminded me of railcar sides and I was like 'yes, that's it', and because I'm lazy I folded it around the edges and sewed it down instead of using binding.

The finished pattern size is a fat quarter I believe, but I didn't want to waste any of the blueprint fabric, so I made the center as big as I could on the fat quarter, so the final size is a bit bigger than the pattern says. And since I actually had a half yard, I decided to make two rather than return the remainder to languishing in the drawer.

I aimed to finish them for Christmas but missed by a week, so they were finished at New Years weekend. Unfortunately they never then made it to the recipient until this week as on the Monday morning we were informed that we basically had two weeks to move back to NZ. So they got packed up and shipped with everything else. Finally being unpacked this week they were sent on their way.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Blooming Crystals Bracelet

So I've been saving these up - some of them because they were for holiday exchanges so I didn't want to share them until after the exchange happened.

Blooming Crystals Bracelet by Glass Garden Beads, colourway - Top Hat - this was done at our bead bunch meeting back in November.

- I'm having to put all the items in separate posts as apparently I like labels too much and I put too many in for one post :)

My Heart's Garden

My Heart's Garden - an ASG year long program.

Butterfly Bauble

Butterfly Bauble - Jill Oxton magazine.

Diamond Drop Ornament

Gold and silver Diamond Drop ornament.

Mermaid's Purse

Mermaid's Purse - from the Stitch magazine of the UK Embroidery Guild. I couldn't find a decent sized shell so I used a paper mache shape instead. The colours are off in these photos - the background should be white and the purse more blue.