Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Midnight Garden

I pulled threads for this today. I'm not sure that I got very good matches but I'll see how it goes. I did find some of the colours at the LNS today (apparently they are new) but I wasn't willing to pay £5.90 a skein. I did notice though that they were brighter than the stitched pic. I checked Sew & So and the colours look brighter there too. I picked my colours to match the stitched pic though, so I'm not quite sure I'll get the right effect.

I do have enough fabric to stitch it more than once though so I could experiment.

I also discovered a couple of mistakes with the pattern. Thread number 11 isn't used in the instructions - but from looking at the picture it is actually the diagonal leaves (inst. 17) and the border (inst. 18). Also threads 6 and 8 should both be labelled Guacamole.

Once I figured out that threads 3 & 12, 7 & 4, and 13 & 1 were the same colours but in the two different weights it sort of helped picking - but not much and I've mostly ended up with two quite different colours for each pair. I actually had thread 5 in two different weights, but of course that wasn't one of the ones it was needed for.

Most of my colour choices have two possibles at the moment. I have managed to narrow some down to just one.

First set:

The colours are (from left to right): 1. Loose GAST, 2. Loose GAST, 3. Mogear 60, 4. GAST burnt orange, 5. Yarns SS116, 6. Loose GAST, 7. Loose GAST, 8. GAST Avacado, 9. Loose GAST, 10. Loose GAST, 11. Needle Necessities 124, 12. Sparklies 340+208, 13. Loose GAST.

Second set:

The colours are (from left to right): 1. Thread Gatherer Frosted Auburn, 2. GAST limited edition, 3. Mogear 60, 4. Stef Francis super fine silk, 5. Yarns SS116, 6. Loose GAST, 7. Colour Streams Apricot Blush, 8. GAST Avacado, 9. Gumnut 238, 10. Caron Waterlilies 065 and 099, 11. Thread Gatherer Moon Rose, 12. GAST Sugarplum, 13. Loose GAST.

Now I just have to decide which combinations I like best. Some of my choices I really don't like so I might completely replace them.

I do have enough fabric to stitch at least twice - probably more if I narrow down the border allowance, so I can always do different colourways - if I really want to stitch it more than once. I think if I did do it again I would go for different colours rather than trying to make it the same as theirs.

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MysteryKnitter said...

Don't rush with choosing what thread to use when you start stitching.