Sunday, March 18, 2007

This months task

This month I haven't done much stitching. I wanted to start a fractal, but looking at the threads needed I decided first I needed to reorganise my thread collection so I could find things.

So first I wound over 100 skeins of thread onto bobbins and then I sorted them into numerical order. I had helpers too - here's one of them sorting the 900's for me:

I also decided that I was going to end up with too many projects using the same threads and have too many skeins of the same thread if I got one for each project so I'd keep them all in a main collection and just use what I need from that as I need it. I'll have to work something else out if I want to take one of those projects travelling, but I can worry about that if it ever happens. Sorting them though I discovered that I already have a lot of multiples, and heaps of gaps, so maybe it won't make a lot of difference.

And I have discovered that I've got a nice handy tote bag that is just the right size to hold 6 bobbin boxes, which is hopefully enough.

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