Monday, June 25, 2007

Peacock Chair

Well it's about time I made another post. But my exams are over now, so I've got no more excuses for not keeping this blog more up to date. So here is a picture that is actually about a month old now:

I have cut the pieces out and started assembling the chair. When I first started I realised that I didn't have any sewing cotton the right colour so I made up these little drawers instead:

They are from a little kit that a friend gave me a while ago and they have just been sitting around doing nothing. So I finally got around to making them. I did do them slightly different to the instructions (which were in Japanese so I did quite well really) and made them into two separate pieces. The instructions had them joining so they could fold into a cube with the drawer fronts in the middle. I decided that would be too easily broken - and I'd already glued one of the coloured pieces down in the hinge area before I worked out how they were supposed to go.

I'll take some more photos soon of what I've been doing and post some more updates.