Thursday, November 15, 2007

A Day of Stash Shopping

We had a wonderful day today finding needlework shops in Portland, Oregon. Due to time and transport constraints we were only able to visit three even though we really wanted to go to more. First we stopped at Michaels and got some DMC. Then we found the information centre to ask for directions to the other addresses we had. It turned out that the lady at the information centre was a stitcher and so gave us lots of information about them all.

So then we jumped on the tram and the bus and went out to find the furtherest one - Needlepoint Plus. Brought a few things there, and left a lot more that could quite happily have fallen into my pile. Then it was up the road to Acorns and Threads - we spent far longer there than anticipated, but it was well worth it. By now we had decided there was no way we were going to make In Stitches despite how nice it sounded. We had decided at the beginning of the day that we weren't going to make Needleart Closet or the Fabric Depot as they were just in the wrong direction for the others.

It was therefore straight back to the centre of town to Playful Stitches and Powells bookshop - although we didn't actually get to look around the bookshop as it was time to meet up for dinner. So we're going back tomorrow for another look.

And of course another look at Playful Stitches as in all my shopping I completely forgot to look for the one thread that I really needed.

But I do have some nice new charts - some of which I hadn't seen before - and at least one new designer for my favourites list. I also saw some of the things that are on my wishlist and didn't like the as much as I had when I first saw them on-line. So sometime soon I need to update my wishlist with what I can remember and take a few things off. Of course that will then be balanced out by the things that get added.

Overall I think I was very restrained and left a lot of things behind.

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