Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Paper Dolls

I've also been busy making my daughter 'paper' dolls. Here are the two dolls - they don't have faces yet, and I think given my drawing skills they might stay that way for a while - and the two outfits I've finished (minus the shoes which I haven't).

Sewing the dolls was horrible, but the outfits are really quite fun to make.

Must admit though that I'm not doing quite what the pattern said - would waste so much fabric, and I really don't want to be doing 20 layers (ok so that's an exaggeration - I think they only want 3 or 4 layers - I think it's 2 layers of stiffening, one of shading for the back, and then the clothes on the front. All stuck together with paper backed webbing. And they do it by making big squares of the layers and then cutting them out at the end. Well as I see it - that paper backed stuff is expensive and I really don't need to waste it by sticking together great squares of fabric that I'm then not going to use - so I draw the picture on the paper, then roughly cut it out, attach it to my clothing fabric, cut it out nicely and then attach that to the backing fabric (one layer) then I cut it out nicely. I can fit so much more on that way - even if I did two layers of backing fabric I'd be saving a lot of fabric and fusing. May not be as stiff as the pattern asks for, but it works for me and DD.

I also haven't put any of the buttons and stuff on them. I haven't completely decided yet, but I kind of feel that they'll be ripped off quite quick and so it would be a waste of time. I will put some bits of ribbon on though I think (partly because I already have the ribbon). There are lots more clothes to come too - ballgowns and wedding gowns and pyjamas and ballerina costumes and so on.

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