Saturday, June 21, 2008

O' Jerusalem

I did put some stitches in this. Honest. I'm determined to finish it, so I've put it back on some scroll rods (the right way around this time - I had it sideways when I first started it) and I'm going to work on it.


Hannah said...

I was googeling this cross stitch pattern and came across your blog. I was wondering where you purchased this pattern because I can't find it anywhere! Thanks, Hannah

Hannah said...

oh- my email address is

Thanks! =)

Z said...

To be honest I can't remember where I purchased it. It's a Bucilla kit that I would have got pre-2000 (I started it towards the end of 2000) so it's highly likely that it's out of print and you won't find anywhere that stocks it. You may have to look on eBay or other sources like that to find a copy.

Hope that helps.