Friday, December 26, 2008

The gifts

Last Christmas when I was in New Zealand I spent a lot of time stitching on the three gifts I needed to hand out while I was there. While staying at my parents-in-law place their cat Kittles spent quite a while inspecting my work (apparently I'd taken over his seat in the lounge) and finally asked me about stitching something for him. We discussed the possibilities and he commissioned me to stitch Margaret Sherry's 'If I had Nine Lives' for his humans for the following (this) Christmas.

At some point he managed to talk to my parents cat Midas and tell him what a good idea this was (I haven't figured out how yet as they live at different ends of the island), so Midas then inspected my work early Christmas morning when only the two of us were awake. He obviously liked what he saw and commissioned me to stitch a companion piece from Margaret Sherry called 'When I am an Old Cat' for his humans.

Here are the results which were presented to the appropriate humans yesterday:

I don't yet have a photo of the Nine Lives framed as it was sent to NZ and framed there for me, but hopefully I'll remember to ask for one soon.


Sheila said...

Love your story of why these two cat pieces got stitched - they are both on my to-stitch-one-day list. Also all your other things are great too.

lorna said...

well done they are both fantastic and i bet were very well received.

MysteryKnitter said...

Fantastic work!