Monday, May 11, 2009


I've ordered thread for my bookmarks now. The original pattern was done with Caron Wildflowers, but as I'm only doing one section of the pattern for the bookmarks and I'm making about 25 of them, I decided a Pearl 8 cotton would work just as well and be cheaper. So I've ordered one each of the 12 Anchor multicolour pearl 8's, I figure with 82m on each ball I shouldn't run out :lol. They are the same colours as I did the Sue Hawkins bookmarkers with so I think they should look fine.

I did think about multicolour floss, whether hand-dyed or the Anchor/DMC type - all of which I could probably have pulled out of my stash. But I don't think it would have looked the same, and I would have had all the laying issues, and I want these bookmarks to be quick.

So now I just need to go and get the finishing bits for the scissor fobs, and possibly felt for backing the bookmarks - although I'm wondering if a heavier single sided iron on stuff would be easier, as well as thinner for going in books. Still I don't have to decide on that straight away - I won't even get the thread until at least tomorrow, and then I need to stitch them all.

All of which means that I'm beginning to feel like I'm actually catching up with things (don't mention the wedding prayer and I won't either - no I will finish it - honest) and can start enjoying my stitching again and start working on whatever I feel like again. I much prefer mostly working on whatever I feel like, and then for only some of my stitching time doing obligation or deadline stuff. I don't really like the word obligation though as it makes it sound too much like a chore. Usually my problem is just the deadline and saying I'll do too much in the time I have available. Which is why of all my WIP's I've only declared four of them to be actual UFO's - everything else I am still enthused about and want to finish - I'm just taking my time.


Lula said...

wow so many bookmarks! Bet you can't wait to get started though eh? I love ordering stash...

Z said...

They should definitely be fun to stitch - although I may change my opinion by the time I get to the end. Except that as of today the deadline just moved up. I now have only 4 weeks. Eek.