Friday, May 08, 2009


I finished my owl for the group wall hanging we're doing, and I've delivered it. I only just remembered to take a photo of it before I put it in my bag, so here it is:

I'm now halfway through my scissor fob for this months exchange and I'm enjoying it so much I might even make a second for myself. This would also have the advantage of having two chances of getting the finishing right.

I really like the first colour on it that I used, and am toying with the idea that I will use it for the Glitzy Accessories - but I need to check how much of it I'd need as I only have one skein and I'm pretty sure it was a one-off colour (it's a 'hand-dyed original' from the Hand-Dyed Threads line from Textile Art Studio of Wellington, NZ).

Ok - skip that - while I was typing I just had a sudden thought and checked the instructions, and not only do I need two skeins, but it's watercolours, not waterlilies like I had in my head. So my nice 12 ply silk that I like is the wrong type of thread anyway.

Ah well, that just means that I get to have a rummage through my threads to see what I've got.

I've also realised in the last couple of days that it's time for the Cyberpointers chapter of the ANG to have their next meeting, which means that the first part of Diamond Iris (by Dorothy Lesher) is happening and I haven't done a THING about threads for that. So one of my big tasks for this week (cos I haven't got anything else to do - honest :lol) is to get my drawers of threads out of DD's room before she goes to bed (I always forget until too late in the evening) so that I can sort these two projects out and find out if I have to buy anything else - I'm hoping not much, although I know I will need some as I won't have more than one skein of anything.

Another good thing to do would be to find the instructions for Diamond Iris too. I know I received them, and then put them somewhere safe, I've just got to find where that somewhere safe was. I'm pretty sure I know, but we'll see - I've been wrong about things like that before.


Lula said...

looking good

Karan said...

Fab owl. Oh no, not the safe place - lost count of the amount of times my things have disappeared into that blackhole in space! Hope you find them. :0)