Saturday, June 13, 2009


Today I picked up two of my pieces from the framers. I'm really pleased with the results. As always the colours are off in the photos - I've tried to adjust the colours, although I'm not sure I've really improved them much - so here they are.

Christmas Elf Fairy:

And Linda's Celtic Heart:

The frame on this one is actually green and gold, and the mat isn't as washed out as it appears here either.


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous framed finishes!

Zeb said...

Lovely finished pieces :)
I've been getting into photography in a serious way (bought myself a dSLR n all) and one of the best times I actually like to take my stitching at is between 9AM to 11AM and again between 2pm and 4pm. The sun is glancing through the windows with just the right intensity to give enough natural light to really bring out the colours, making very little need to use flash.

Carol said...

Both are very pretty. I love Celtic designs so I especially like the green project (washed out or not).

Cheryl said...

Both are lovely, but I confess I'm partial to the Celtic Heart! Well done with the stitching and the framing!