Friday, August 14, 2009

Special Stitching

This week Mum and I have been teaching the kids to stitch. DD has got the hang of threading the needle but has a short attention span when it comes to the actual stitching, so her piece is progressing slowly.

DS isn't so great at threading the needle, but he loves the actual stitching and is doing really well. Since this photo was taken earlier today he's almost finished the blue building.

And here he is posing proudly with his handiwork:

I do have one grump with this kit though - the dinosaur didn't seem to have the same problems - the stitching is to be done with the full 6 strands, and there is 1.5 meters of each colours (except purple which is 2 meters). Now I haven't measured the actual lengths to check how long they are, but there are 3 of each and 4 of purple, which sounds good. Except that the pink you see on the building that is started is one full length - and it's not like he's wasting the thread - so there is no way there is even going to be enough to complete that building let alone the rest of the pink there. The blue building has taken two lengths, so we may have enough to complete the rest of the blue. We've yet to see about the other colours, but I have a feeling I'm going to be supplementing the kit with my own thread. The other grump is a fairly common one of the pattern not being printed particularly squarely on the fabric so it's hard to know which squares are supposed to be which colour. There is a chart included, but it doesn't really match very well. At first glance it does, but then you realise that the printed picture of the building is one stitch wider than the chart says. So we've decided to do the best we can just looking at the picture and ignoring the chart.

Finally - Mum's stitching. It's over one, as she started it over two and it was humongous, so she ripped it out and started it again.


Karan said...

Always lovely to see skills being passed on to young ones. :0)
Someone at the factory can't have done the maths properly. That's one of my niggles about kits too.

Karan said...

Forgot to say: your Mum's piece is gorgeous. :0)

Cheryl said...

I really enjoyed teaching DD#2 to stitch. DD#1 not so much. She never had the attention span for it. Good for you for taking time to teach them!

MysteryKnitter said...

Now you see the kind of canvases I like to stitch. If you think of Penelope canvas as the background of those projects of your children, you get the picture of what kind of canvas I use for my stitching. I could not stitch for blanco. My math would be a mess after 5 stitches.