Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Bug Collector

I found some blue fabric, so I've got some more photos. I think the blue (either blue) is brighter, and probably goes with the pink fabric better than the green, but somehow I still like the green. I guess either would work, cos green can be grass and blue can be sky. But I'm still sitting on the fence over it.

I almost think the blue is too bright and overpowers the design - if I did use blue it would probably have to be the paler one, even though that isn't my favourite. I think I may be leaning towards the green as it's more background than the blue would be. What do you think?


Cheryl said...

Well, I personally like the really bright blue. I don't think it competes. I would use the brightest blue and only that as both backing and as a "frame". It will be wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Amanda.. I *love* the green -think grass, trees, bushes.. where else would bugs be?? :-)

Karan said...

Don't envy you the choice as they all look good & each brings out different colours in the design. Sorry, am no use at all with colour choices. :0)