Saturday, October 31, 2009

A gift

I haven't posted lately as I've been working on a gift. What's more it's knitted. Yes, I know - the dark side. Well one of them anyway. But it's not socks. I can't ever see myself knitting socks - so you're safe from those. But anyway - this is a Christmas gift and now it's finished and I can go back to my regularly scheduled program. Or something like that anyway.


Karan said...

Haven't touched a pair of knitting needles in years. It seems to be hving a resurgence lately though. :0)

Z said...

I haven't done much knitting in years either. But I really would like a new jersey one of these days, and I really love all the Alan Dart toys, so I might be doing more of it soon, but it's not stitching, so I can't ever see it taking over :)