Sunday, May 02, 2010

Just a bit of a ramble

Well, our decorating is now finished, so some things are back in place, others I'm still trying to find. I've still got a lot to sort, and then it all gets packed in boxes for the big move. It's getting closer now and quite exciting. It would just be really good if we weren't leaving my family behind again when they only just got here.

Thank you to Karen for nominating me for both the Beautiful Blogger Award and the Sunshine Award. I think the Sunshine award came with it's own sunshine as during the three and a half weeks of decorating we just finished we had rain only once, and that was overnight. I know I'm supposed to pass these on, but I feel really uncomfortable doing so, so I'm just going to direct you to my blog reading list (I think you should be able to find it on my profile) if you're looking for more blogs to read. Most of them are stitching blogs, although I know some are no longer in use - I'm bad at cleaning up my list.

I also had a birthday recently and so took the opportunity to get some more Sue Hawkins kits. Well I had to didn't I? After all I was asked what I wanted for my birthday, and I'm not going to be in this country much longer so I thought something English (or anywhere in the UK really) while I was still here would be good. I might even start one of them soon.

I've also signed up for another class with the Shining Needle Society. This one is taught by Betty Chen Louis and is a pair of small cityscape hearts (currently to be seen on Gay Ann Rogers website, but I don't think they'll be there for much longer) with a whole lot of theory thrown in, which I think is going to be really interesting.


Tanyastitches said...

Why is it we always make the houses nice when we leave them LOL
I remember moving from our first house and we had been tidying up the kitchen, I was finishing tiling the walls when we had a call for someone to come round and look at it first thing the folowing day. We didn't expect any interest that quickly, so I was up all night tiling the kitchen.
It looks good and I bet it feels good knowing its all done now.

Errol and Marilyn Thompson said...

Have just checked out the Cityscapes, they are so nice, will wait impatiently to see how yours turn out.

Karan said...

Hope the sorting & packing goes smoothly. Looks like a nice selection to choose your birthday buys from. Missed seeing the cotyscapes hearts.... looking forward to seeing yours completed. :0)