Wednesday, June 23, 2010

An Open Heart

Here is the latest band, well - two bands really cos I did the words as well. Sorry the photo isn't brilliant, I didn't realise it wasn't that clear until I loaded it onto the computer.

Now, I need some advice on this. The fabric is woven crooked. I've known this from the beginning but I started stitching anyway thinking it could get stretched right when framed. But I'm beginning to have doubts. I really really don't want to start over, but I don't want it skewif at the end either.

So here are some photos to try and show the problem. The fabric is cut along a thread - I pull a thread out and then cut down resulting line. All my set squares are on the boat, so I've used a book to try and show the lack of square-ness instead. It also didn't help that I was photographing on a not-quite flat surface.

In this first one the edge of the book is lying flush with my basted outline of the stitching, so you can see how the top edge isn't square to the side.

This one I tried to get the book to be level with the selvedge to show another view of the angle.

The difference in the top and bottom - I can't remember if I cut the bottom or not, so don't know how straight that is. But still, the photo helps illustrate the problem.

This is the one that's really bothering me I think - I fold the edges up matching, so it should all be straight and this is what I get.

So after looking at those - what would you do? Do you think it can be stretched out?

Oh, and just to make matters worse, I've also done Victoria Samplers Heirloom Christmas Sampler on the same fabric, so the answers will apply to that as well I think. At least I'm pretty sure that if there is any left in my stash I'm not going to start anything else on it.


Tracy J said...


Cheryl said...

Well, I was so inspired by your previous pics of this that I bought the chart a few months back. Love it.

You may not want to hear my opinion, but I think you should start over on different fabric. I don't think this issue will get better even with stretching. It's a flaw in the weaving of the fabric. There is no finishing format that I can think of that can compensate for that. There is waaay too much work in this design to have it be forever crooked no matter what you do. I'd start over. I'd hate it, but that's what I'd do.

Errol and Marilyn Thompson said...

How wre you planning to finish it? Maybe if you hang it as a bellpull style the skewing wont be as obvious, certainly much less so than if it is framed.

You could test stretch any spare fabric you've got to see if it can be improved, definitely do that before trying to stretch the finished piece.

Z said...

OK - I'll put it to the side, and when all my stash gets here I'll see if I can find the rest of the fabric and baste some lines, and see if I can stretch them straight. Then I'll make a decision. I really hope it works, cos I really don't want to start over. But I guess I should be glad that I haven't got almost to the end before doing this.