Monday, June 28, 2010

An Open Heart

I decided I couldn't wait for my stuff to arrive, so I went and brought a piece of art board to use as backing and tested the stretching of what I had already stitched.

I only pinned (well, I used needles as that is all I had) the fabric around the back, but it seemed fairly easy, although fiddly, to get the design to appear square on the front. So I think I will continue on this fabric and if it can't be stretched completely straight then it'll just have to be framed without a mat - I think if there is a wider expanse of fabric any left-over wonkiness won't be noticeable. But I think from my experiments that with patience it should be possible to frame it straight.

Still think I won't use the rest of the fabric though. Although I guess Christmas ornaments and things would be alright on it.


Elaine said...

Your stitched piece is beautiful. Glad you have solved the wonky fabric.

Cheryl said...

Excellent idea to test out the stretching. Glad it will work to your satisfaction and you won't have to restart!