Sunday, August 22, 2010

New stash

Yesterday I went to the annual auction for my local ANG chapter. I managed to spend only $9 so I was really pleased with myself (although I did bid more on a piece I would love to have but I didn't win). My aim was to get a painted canvas that I could practice on before I think about spending lots of money on one as I haven't done a painted canvas before.

I came home with two painted canvases, a partly started class piece, and a handful of charts*. I'm not going to put the class piece in my WIP list until I actually start working on it - I've got another couple sitting around too that I got part started off someone else but am waiting till I work on them to add them to the list. It's long enough without putting other peoples work in. As soon as I saw the hot air balloons I knew that was the canvas for me.

Speaking of hot air balloons, here's a piece I started a while back using Angelina fibres - Hot Air Balloons by Audlem Mill. I brought the kit at the Alexandra Palace stitching show last year. The lady was trialling these kits and so wanted feedback on what people thought of them. I had even started it by the next time I saw her a month or so later at the Harrogate show. For some reason I just never got around to taking a photo of it. One day I might even finish it.

And lastly I'm just going to sneak in a new start that I did the other night - Scissor Pouch from Stitching Treasures. I've had this one waiting in my stitching bag since I got it for Christmas but I kept thinking I ought to do other things instead. This week I decided to ignore all those thoughts and start it anyway. Haven't got very far yet, but I think it should be a quick stitch.

* For the curious the list of things I got at the auction are Hot Air Balloons canvas with initials AHC in the corner, Quilt Top canvas with no identification, Sue Reed's Crossing the Spectrum class piece, 1992 Keepsake Calendar, Green Apple's Conch and Sand Dollar, Great Big Graphs Funtastic Borders for T's and Sweats, Leisure Arts Christmas Journey, Funk & Weber's The Neighbourhood, Leisure Arts The Legend of the Sand Dollar.

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Blu said...

Lots of lovely stash! And you got such a deal on them too!
Hot Air Balloons is so shiny and gorgeous.