Tuesday, January 25, 2011

An Open Heart

On Saturday I met up with three other stitchers (Melissa, Michelle and Michelle) at Gingers and we stitched the day away while talking lots and generally having a good time. I made really good progress on the inner border of An Open Heart.

Last night I (almost) finished the inner border. I was going to finish it completely before going onto the next project on my list but well, it didn't quite work out that way.

As I finished that final triangle I discovered I was one thread out, I undid half the triangle cos I was sure I'd counted the gap as being right before I'd started it. But after counting numerous times I finally came to the conclusion that I was getting more wrong answers than right answers. So I started examining the rest of the piece, and found that there was one extra thread between the middle section and the border at the bottom meaning I had a mistake on the first side of the border. I found it where the needle is resting. One extra thread in the gap.

I'm thinking that given it took me so long to find it no-one else is going to do so, and also undoing the border may not be good for the ends of the rewoven threads that I secured in the stitching and have now cut off. And of course, if I undo it it's highly unlikely to ever get finished. So I'm leaning towards leaving it as is - but I'm going to make the final decision after I've stitched the outer border.

So An Open Heart has now been put aside to work on the next item of my new PLAN.

The PLAN is to work on the things that really should be finished soon, mostly because they are for other people or some such reason like that. So I made a list - it goes something like this:

- finish the inner border on An Open Heart. (I'm counting this as done for now)
- finish my MIL's birthday present, preferably on time, even better if it's before they go home.
- finish Twas the Night Before Christmas so I can send it off for evaluation.
- Sew up the quilts for the kids - I think I have all the fabric now.
- make some shorts.
- finish An Open Heart
- finish O Jerusalem as it's now 10 years late
- do the finishing on Bug Collector so it can hang in my sons room before he leaves home.
- finish Light of the World Storykeep, again so DD can enjoy it sooner rather than later
- do height charts for them both (I have started the first one)
- do stockings for everyone (not started at all, although I have chosen at least one of the designs)
- I'd like to give out lots of ornaments this Christmas, but that means that I need to stitch them this year.
- and if I manage all that then I want to get St. Petersburg finished as well.

And as DD says 'That's the plan'.


Joysze said...

I like your plan! I love making plans myself, but realizing them is the difficult part. ;)

I totally agree with you that that 1 extra thread is not going to be noticeable. Good luck with it!

Errol and Marilyn Thompson said...

Don't think I'd be too worried about the extra thread, like you say, if you took so long to find it then no-one else is.

Your 'plan'is quite long, do hope you are able to work your way steadily through it.

Cheryl said...

WOW! That's a huge list! I'd be lucky to accomplish a third that much in one of my more productive years. But then, you are a stitching machine! I'm sure you'll do well. And, I'd leave Open Heart as is, too. NO ONE will notice, EVER. I promise.

Michelle said...

I'd be tempted to leave it, but stitch the other border and see how you feel about it. It's so pretty in person! Good plan too - you can do it!

fialka012 said...