Friday, February 11, 2011

Birthday present

Well I've almost finished the birthday present. It wasn't in time for my MIL to take it home with her, but it's still before her birthday. Which is pretty good going for me considering the last present I started for her (O Jerusalem) will be 10 years late this birthday.

I'm not going to put a picture up (yet) as I think she should see it first, but I think I've finished the stitching portion (I'm just getting some second opinions on it) and then I've just got to do the finishing portion.

My MIL when she was here made up the shorts for me too, so that's another item off my list as well.

I am really tempted to finish An Open Heart next, but I know I should do Twas the Night. I do want to do Twas the Night, it's just that An Open Heart is so close to finished. Guess I'll see which way it goes when I next sit down to stitch.

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