Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Psalm 104

The birthday present has been received and inspected and approved of, so now I can share pictures of it with you.

Just the stitching:

This is actually my second try at this. The first time I was simply working the full pattern over one, but it really wasn't turning out well, and there was no way I'd be finishing it this side of the next millennium, so I changed plans and came up with this version, which works much better.

And now finished into a bible cover:

My original thought was that I would also use the brown fabric to make little triangles on the corners, but I was having trouble figuring out how to secure them neatly, especially as I wanted to make the cover as versatile as possible in case I'd got the measurements wrong. So I ended up leaving them off, but I'm sure they could be added later if wanted.


Cheryl said...

That turned out so well! Great job! Now what project is up next?

Joysze said...

That's beautiful!! What a lovely gift for your friend.

Blu said...

What a lovely design!

And an excellent finish. I love the contrast between the white and the brown/red.