Monday, March 12, 2012

Tree of Stitches

I haven't really felt like stitching much since I finished my pilot piece, so I haven't got much to update on, but here is the latest progress on Tree of Stitches:

I also joined a SAL on the HAED board (yes, again) called Siberian Forest and here is what I've done on that so far. I'm stitching over 2 on 40ct, and even with my brilliant light it's easier to stitch on during the day.

Finally - the back of the pirate quilt - the pale blue is waves and was originally going to be the border on the front but it washed out too much so I got the dark blue map fabric instead for that. Then I used as big a pieces as I could from the fabric that was left over for the back so it would be as little work as possible. I have started on the quilting it all together now and hopefully will finish that soon and then I might even have my first quilt. I'm just quilting along the lines of the blocks for this one, but I can already see that a nice decorative stitch along the seams would be more forgiving and hide the bits where I could steer properly.

I've still got quite a lot of fabric from this quilt left over so I'm thinking of doing a baby quilt (like the original kit was for) for the school fund raising auction. I may not get it done for this year though.


Cheryl said...

TOS is so colorful and happy. I am anxious to see your quilt all put together. I bet it will rock!

Rachael G said...

TOS is just lovely, I love the colour!

MysteryKnitter said...

I am sure you tame this quilt in no time.