Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A couple more finishes

Today I've got two more finishes to show you - the first is my bag. I only broke 5 sewing machine needles getting it together. Afterwards the instructor and I came up with a few different ways we could have done it differently so the poor needles didn't have such a hard time getting through all the layers (6+ layers of pre-quilted fabric gets rather thick) - still it all goes into the experience to learn from for next time.

Then I attended my first EGA meetings this month (my local chapter meets a number of times a month for different things. The main meeting has just started a series on crazy quilts, so we did our first block this month and here's mine:

The other meeting I went to was the sampler satellite where we had a talk about whitework which was very interesting and has got me wanting to pull out my Ukrainian Whitework book and find a project to do. But I'm being good and waiting - although I'm thinking that would be a good project to take to the sampler satellite each month, so I may end up starting it just for that purpose.

I've also almost finished the things for school - just as well as the last day is Wednesday, so I'll show that to you soon when they are finished finished.

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