Sunday, September 23, 2012

Piracy Framed

Finally a photo of the framed piece - well, actually two photos, cos I found a birds nest that had fallen out of the tree* and thought I'd try one of those arty set shot things lol

Now DH wants me to stitch some of the other from the range - so I ordered a piece of fabric to match from CountryStitch and will slowly buy the frames as I see them on sale at JoAnns. I'm thinking about taking the glass out though - this will help with the bulk in the back (since they are premade photo frames) and most of these designs have a charm which definitely won't fit under the glass. DH isn't sure about no glass though.

* We had a lot of birds nesting around our house this year, and in the air vents - when you were in the downstairs toilet you could hear the sound travelling along the vent, all the little chirping of the babies and the parents bringing them food and so on. One day I even got to watch a family line up on one of the windowsills upstairs and do flying lessons.

I don't know how it will be next spring since we've lost a tree to a storm, the air vent (on that side anyway) has had mesh put over it - the air vent to the dryer is still accessible, but we're going to be checking that one regularly now that we know about it and the problems nests in there can cause, and we removed some bushes from near the front door as half were dead, and the other half had a few hornet nests in them (and were half dead anyway). Hopefully it won't make much difference to the birds.


Xeihua (Sara) said...

Love the two photos and the framed pirates :D Hope you still have lots of birdies next year :D

Silverlotus said...

That is a really great frame for that piece. Well done.

Hopefully the birds will return next spring. It must have been great fun to watch them this year.

NCPat said...

This is great!

Joysze said...

It's beautifully framed. Love the setting with the grass and nest. :)

MysteryKnitter said...

Hornet nests! That doesn't sound very nice. But I may be wrong.