Wednesday, January 23, 2013


A while back I started to write a post about a new project I was starting. But then I got sidetracked and what do you know - now it's finished. Here is a little amulet bag called 'Southwest' from

I did learn a lot about tension while beading it.

To bead this I was using a bead mat on my lap while sitting on the sofa - bit dangerous that lol. So I came up with a solution that didn't involve me spending lots of money on a good beading tray. I picked up a TV meal tray at HEB for $1, then a packet of Solo bathroom cups (~$2.50 for 150 cups) and then a sheet of felt (25c). I lined the big section of the tray with the felt (this part I may change and cut up a bead mat to line it instead), then in the little bowls I put cut down solo cups (although they still feel a bit high when beading, so they may get cut down even more) with the different types of beads in. I feel much safer now :)

And just to prove how safe:

I also created these fobs for a Secret Stitching Santa exchange with some friends:


Cheryl said...

Great finish! And those fobs are awesome!

Nicola said...

Your scissors fob look so pretty, well done on making them.

Nicola said...

Wow! Gorgeous finishes! I love your scissors fob!