Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Finishes and so on

This past weekend was our local EGA chapters biennial show. I entered 15 pieces - 8 of which needed finishing first, 1 was framed, the rest I did. I only just scraped in on time - I misjudged how much time I'd have to finish things while our international exchange visitors were here and so ended up with 6 things to finish in 3 days. But I did it. And the judges were impressed enough with two of my (framed) pieces that I got two merit awards.

So without further ado - what you've all been waiting for - photos:

The two ribbons (sorry - I did take my camera to the show, but completely forgot to take actual photos of the ribbons on the pieces and them all on display). They were awarded for An Open Heart and Linda's Celtic Heart.

An Open Heart

Knotwork Garden Box

Tree of Stitches

Bug Collector (I actually found a cool fabric with ants on a gingham background that would have been great if I hadn't already had the fabric I wanted to use, and if it hadn't been red and white and just plain didn't go with pink)

Twas the Night Before Christmas

Birds of a Feather (love the backing fabric on this one, so you get a picture of the back too)

Winter Welcome (I think I need to learn how to make points better lol)

Tempest (and just cos I feel like it, the back on this one too)

Other pieces I entered were Lindas Celtic Heart, Christmas Elf Fairy, African Animals Needlebook, Southwest Amulet bag, Christmas Humbug, Smarties Bookmarker and the Art Deco beaded Ornament. The only requirement was that pieces hadn't been entered into one of their shows before - so that meant that I could choose anything I had that was finished, or I could finish before the show. So I tried to choose a selection of interesting pieces that would hopefully interest people and make them want to stitch.

Speaking of humbugs and other biscornu type finishing shapes - this weekend I'm teaching a construction class for the diamond drop ornaments, 15 sided biscornu (in both the round and horned versions), and the humbug (we're calling the class biscornu variations). I also tacked on the end of the instructions the basic fold the corners of the square in to get a diamond shape just for good measure. I'm just starting to stitch a sample or two, so I'll have to show those to you later (if I remember to take photos as I'm planning for it to also be my donation to the groups seminar basket so I won't be bringing it home).

In other news - I've finished the back of the jumper I'm knitting for DD:

Tomorrow is beading group and we're working on bracelets from February's Bead and Button magazine. Somehow I managed to buy materials not only for the bracelet we'll be doing tomorrow, but for another one from the mag too. Course these may not get completed tomorrow but I'm sure there will be something I can photograph. I did have great fun at the shop choosing the supplies and decided that one of the bracelets will probably be for DD - in pink and purple of course.

And a picture of a recent visitor:

I was looking for something for a birthday present recently and found this (Shalom right at the bottom) - that I love, but unfortunately think it's slightly out of my price range. DH is convinced I can design my own - I'm not so sure, but I'll give it a go :)


Aurelia Eglantine said...

Congratulations on your merit awards! Your finishes all look lovely, but the fabric you chose for the back of Tempest is AMAZING - it picks up the yellow on his wings :) I've always adored that pattern, it's on my TBS list for sure! (Also, I thought at first glance your visitor was a frog, but I now see it's a batty bat, eek!)

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Congrats on the awards, very well deserved.

I love those needlepoint canvasses. How much are they? Shame they don't do them as cross stitch charts!

I'm sure you could find some charts of illuminated letters and make your own up. Or hubby should treat you!

Z said...

The prices I've seen for them are two to three hundred. Mum agrees with DH and thinks I should try to do my own. I'm half way there :)

Marilyn Thompson said...

I did try to find some letters from the Book of Kells for Shalom but didn't have much luck. Am sure there must be plenty of alphabets out there though.

Your selection of pieces for the display is very impressive, nice to see rewards in the way of merit awards too.