Monday, May 11, 2015

And all the other projects I found while photographing the other two

Something has changed with St. Petersburg. I have actually finished the first part (including beads and crystals) and am working on the second part.

Other projects are my Boo-Lah-Dee-Dah box lid - did I tell you about that before? I don't think I did. Boo-Lah-Dee-Dah is something our EGA chapter is doing on the 5th Saturday each month (so yes, the next instalment is the end of this month), and we are making a Halloween box, appropriate since I think the last 5th Saturday this year is Halloween. Except that every time I see or think the name I start singing Boo-Lah-Dee-Dah, la-da-de-da, la-da-de-da (from the line in the song in the L&P advert 'there ain't no place I'd rather be, la da di da', which after looking it up is apparently called 'Counting the Beat' by The Swingers).

It appears I also haven't shown you Winter Scenery from Stickideen Von Der Wiehenburg / Wiehenburg Needlepoint - this is one that we are working along together with at our ANG meetings every couple of months or so through this year.

And My Heart's Garden which is a monthly, or bi-monthly project for EGA. We've had two parts so far - our next part will be next week-ish.

There was also another EGA project - a little blackwork pincushion - I've finished the stitching, and just need to put it together.

And yet another EGA project - a little felt needlebook.

And a bunch of teacher bookmarks have been stitched too - but I won't bother with a picture (yet) because they are just the same as all the other ones over the years.

Those small projects have been really good for stitching during Scouts. And if it wasn't for Scouts they probably wouldn't have much progress on them.

And when I was pulling these things out to photograph them I saw the project from my beading workshop sometime last year - I don't think I've ever shown that to you either. So here is my progress on Pagoda by Mikki Ferrugiaro.

(see that paw going towards the ornament - that's why there are only these two photos and not a lot more to choose from to get a really good one - by the end of this photo session I had two very interested cats - they don't normally take such interest in my needlework)

I think that's all my current projects - if I come across more I'll post them.

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