Friday, November 17, 2006

Apologies for no updates for a while

Sorry I haven't posted any photos here for a bit. But I've been working on the cottage - the class is Sunday so I'm stitching as hard as I can. And I keep forgetting to take photos - and those that I do take look a lot like the ones that are already up there only more four sided stitch.

And the other thing I've been working on I have finished - but they are ornaments for the annual TWCOE so I can't show them until they have been received as although it's a long shot that the recipients would read this blog there is always the possibility and it's probably sort of rude to show them off before they get to the recipients.

TWCOE is Teresa Wentzler Christmas Ornament Exchange and we all register our interest and then at the beginning of November have to say how many ornaments we have stitched and in what categories. We then get our names put into hats and drawn to find who we send to. We don't know what we'll get (except for the number and category as that matches what we send out) or who from until they arrive.

So after mine get received I'll be able to post pictures of them.

I'll also post pictures of my cottage next week after the class.

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marilyn said...

Testing again to see if you get this.
Hope you really enjoy the cottage class, should be lots of fun, & hard work!! Have a good day.