Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Christmas Ornaments for TWCOE

My ornaments have been received now so I can post the pictures.

I chose to do the Needlecrafts Unlimited ornament from the Just Cross Stitch special ornament issue 2002. I decided I could fit 9 of the ornaments on my bit of fabric so here is a picture of the 9 backstitched outlines and the first ornament with it's next colour stitched:

Here are the first six finished stitching and cut up - I decided to do them as sets of three and keep one set for myself. So I've only finished the six so far.

And in the middle of stitching up the back of the first one - I had to stop to get the big knot that's visible out of the thread:

The finished back of one:

And all six finished ornaments and a set of three:

And just for good measure here are the two I received back in exchange:

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