Sunday, December 14, 2008

Wedding Prayer

I've started this one (Wedding Prayer by Joan Elliott, Design Works kit) for my friends wedding. I originally started it at a GTG on the 14 count aida that was in the kit, but it was really stiff (I know, a wash would fix that), and the margin was a bit stingy, and then when I folded it up to take it home some of the ink on the pattern rubbed off onto the fabric (yeah, again, fixable with a wash), but it was the last push I needed to abandon the fabric and find some other stuff in my stash. I really wanted to go smaller as I don't want to obligate the recipients to have to hang it on the wall as it's too big to do anything else with. So I found a piece of 22 count that was just right (maybe a bit stingy on the margins again, but somehow it doesn't seem to matter this time around) and it will then be small enough so it can be mounted perhaps on the front of a photo album or something. I haven't got very far yet as I want to finish the bookmarkers first, but here is the beginnings of it. My stretching of it isn't wonderful so it's a bit wonky and I've just noticed that either I didn't centre it right or I've miscounted the border. Oh joy.

The pattern is absolutely horrible though - even blown up to 400% it still looks like a blob. It's only saving grace is that it's a Celtic knot border so if I can figure out one section I can then just repeat it.

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