Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I have started the bookmarks for nursery. We have had to bring forward the end of nursery for DD so now I have only 4 weeks to complete about 25 bookmarks. The good news is that they are stitching up as quickly and easily as I hoped and I have completed two already. They are taking less than an hour each.

The pattern is taken from a design called Tranquillity Sampler by Hermanson Hardanger. On the original there is also Kreinik braid in the gap between the inner diamond and the outside, but I'm going to leave it blank as I think they look fine as they are. I will do the whole sampler at some point.

Here are the first couple and the next started. I have left them all on the one big roll of banding (there's five meters there so I shouldn't run out), and will cut them all at the end.

And I did finish off the Map of NZ bookmark since I was doing the finishing on the scissor fob (which has been posted but I haven't heard that it's been received yet, so I can't post pictures yet) - here it is finished. The canvas in the background is the stretched canvas for the first Jim Wurth Dodecagon ornament. A nice bright red there :)


Always smiling said...

Hi Amanda,

Thank you for the loveliest fob it is so delicate and beautifully stitched... I love it.

I have posted a pic to Lorna to put it on the site as for some reason I can't post on it..

And these book marks are lovely, you have such a lot of stitchy stuff on your blog, it has me in awe.

Thank you again
Chris x

Carol said...

I like the variegated colors in the book marks. Very pretty. Looking forward to seeing the finished items :)

Always smiling said...

Hello again Amanda,

Popped back as I noticed you things by Sue Hawkins, I went to a 2 day workshop with her last year and it was wonderful..
I love the colours of your Bug Collection.

Happy Stitching.

Chris x
PS Also your WIP list has given me confidence!!!LOL

Z said...

I love Sue Hawkins designs - I have more of her kits waiting to be done - I want to collect (and stitch) the lot eventually.

I'm glad my WIP's can inspire you :)

Maddy*Moo said...

It looks great Amanda! Lovely work!