Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Wedding Prayer

I finished this last night. But I'm not going to put any pictures of it up until it's been received, just so that they get to see it first. So this week's task is to 'finish' finish it and get it in the post.

Now I think it will be on to more bookmarks - this time for the great swimming teacher the children have had since they started swimming in their first year, and for the teachers at school, all of whom we will be leaving behind in a few months when we move to the US. Hopefully those will take no more than a week, and then I'll move on to the Owls for my mother's birthday later this year, and possibly start a scissor pouch that's been calling my name recently.

This also means that I get to shrink my WIP list by one - well at least until I start on the bookmarks - although I'm hoping those will go fast enough that they won't need to appear on the WIP list. The scissor pouch should also go quite quickly that the list wouldn't grow for too long (says she hopefully). One day I will get it back down under 5 items, which is much more how I like it. It's just a pity there are so many nice things out there that I want to start - and so many people I want to stitch things for too :).

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MysteryKnitter said...

I have an Excel table of my own. That tells me, what I have on my list. That list helps me to see, what I could pick up as my next start.