Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Crazy January Challenge 2011

Well this sounds interesting and part of me is very tempted. The other more rational part is saying 'no, you've already got over 30 WIP's that you're trying (not very successfully) to get rid of, and you've got another few pieces that you're supposed to be starting'.

Of course I could start my count of 15 with those pieces. But really - I should be sensible, shouldn't I?

The other problem with the idea is that I'm never very good at playing by the rules. I don't do well with goals. I'm sort of surprised that I've managed to keep up with stitching even just a few stitches every week on my/a UFO project for more than two years now (note, however that this has not produced any finishes of said UFO's).

And really, if you were going to do this challenge, shouldn't it be starting a new project for every day in January?

I guess I could start loads and then put them away in a bag or box like most of the rest of my WIP's and only work on one or two. Seems a bit pointless though. And I'd have to buy more project bags.

So have I talked myself in or out? Well, I think whichever I think now, come January it'll be a bad case of not having a round tuit, and not getting one either. So perhaps knowing that I'm safe in making up all the rules for myself that I want and dreaming dreams.

Maybe also I have an ulterior motive in posting this - maybe I really want to sucker in all you other people out there who have bigger eyes than needles (or whatever the stitchy equivalent of that phrase is) so that you can all join me in my indecision, or just join the challenge. :)


Joysze said...

LOL! I will watch for you decision with interest. I won't be joining in the challenge as just having 2 pieces at one go drives me insane. ;)

Errol and Marilyn Thompson said...

I checked it out - but don't think I'd make much headway on that many in a year. It would get annoying to have somany unfinished - bad enough as it is now!!! - Marilyn

Jacqui said...

I'm gonna give it a go.

Carol said...

I must say, I'm in the minority when it comes to challenges. I know this is a post you made from another post, and not your doing, but I think challenges are dumb. Why? Because we stitchers are generally way too busy, already stressed out with family responsibilities, jobs, etc, on and on. Adding a stitching challenge is, to me, like piling on more stress. Cross stitching is *supposed* to be relaxing and rejuvenating. It has become anything but with all these challenges and pressure to buy more patterns and stitch larger and larger projects. I think we stitchers should take a breath, step back, and work on a project when we want and finish it if we want, without the pressure of putting that one down and working on 'another one'. Why do we have such pressure to DO more, as if what we do already isn't good enough?