Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Twas the Night Before Christmas

I finally started the stitching on this class piece last night. I was supposed to be doing the tent stitch outline on the various bits of him, but after I'd done the first couple of stitches on what I thought was the outline of his sleeve I realised that it was actually compensating stitches, so I just kept stitching the sleeve proper like that was what I meant to do all along. And I've just looked at the stitch diagram and realised that I did my stitches backwards, but I don't think you can tell so I'll just keep going.

I have decided that I'm definitely not joining in on the Crazy January thing, it did sound interesting, but I know I wouldn't get far - I doubt I'd even finish the starts - last time I tried to start a bunch together there were three that didn't get started within my time frame, one I still haven't started. And I can't choose 15 projects - I either have not enough or too many. I also don't really want to just jump into something that doesn't suit what I want to achieve. And at this point in time I'm still looking to clear some of my WIP's, a couple of which are getting close (I must update you on An Open Heart - I've started on the border now - not that it shows up very well being white on white).

So I think I'll just watch and cheer on those who do want to try a crazy challenge, and try and meander towards my own random wishy-washy goals. Although they aren't really called goals or anything like that that makes it sound like work. Cos I know from experience that I'm not too good at meeting targets etc. when I'm supposed to be having fun, I just end up doing nothing, which really gets me nowhere. So maybe I'll call them vague likes.


Cheryl said...

That crazy challenge is definitely NOT for me, either! I've got enough of a guilt complex over the number of WIPs I have as it is. 2011 needs to be the Year of WIP Reduction in my household!

I certainly cannot tell your stitches are backward. Looks good to me!

Bev said...

i know what you mean about the challenge, i have a job on finishing anything lately!