Saturday, April 02, 2011

Friday Night Stitch In

Last night I went to Gingers for their Friday night stitch in - and enjoyed myself, so I think I'll be going again.

And best of all - I've got progress, although I do have to admit that the Twas the Night progress is a couple of days worth, not just last night. I did realise when putting Santas staff in that I should have left his cuff the undone bit of French knots as now I've got to try and get them to at least look like they are under the staff when I get the new card of thread (it was out of stock so I have to wait for it). Hmm, just looking at my photo I can see all the carried thread in the snowflakes - it isn't that obvious in real life. Honest. Still perhaps it's a lesson in 'you should have been more careful when stitching them'.


Cheryl said...

Squee! An update on An Open Heart! Love. Makes me wish for more stitching time.

Santa is looking mighty spiffy, too.

Arthemise said...

I seriously considered going last night, but I'm so tired on Fridays after working all day. :-/

Blu said...

Santa looks just awesome! That staff is really neat.

Open Heart looks lovely.

Jo said...

Both looko great. I adore an open heart, such soothing colours!