Monday, April 18, 2011

Stitching for Autism

On Saturday our guild chapter had its Bluebonnet Daze and we had a class for the piece Stitching for Autism by Sue Reed. This is a piece being used to raise money for Autism Speaks - 100% of the net profits are going to Autism Speaks.

Here's how far I got on Saturday. After taking this photo I ripped out the heart and the herringbone border as I didn't leave enough space for one of the borders just before the herringbone. I very nearly left it as it was but decided I really couldn't be faffed with moving the sheaf stitches in the outer border around to compensate for the loss of the four squares.

The colours are all to do with Autism Speaks, and all the stitches were chosen to have a link with Autism and it was really interesting reading it all as we stitched the piece.

So that's another for my WIP pile, and I guess my PLAN is getting a bit disrupted (I've signed up for some other classes too). Ah well, at least I'm having fun and my PLAN has been doing well until now. I'm still going to try and sort of stick to the PLAN though - I'll continue with Twas the Night, and then An Open Heart and I guess I'll just see what happens after that.

And an update on Twas the Night Before Christmas. I'm now on the border so really getting closer now.


Joysze said...

WOW!!! Night Before Christmas is looking fabulous!!! I can't wait to see him finished.

I'm so sorry to hear you had to frog the Autism piece. Hope it didn't take up too much time. :(

Z said...

No, it didn't take too long - that's the beauty of those long stitches, they go in and come out easily.