Friday, May 20, 2011

New starts

Well, after getting my list down a little I've just started another corrospondence course, this time in a group with the Cyberpointers chapter. Serpentine by Ro Pace - here are my beginnings:

I've also started the pre-stitching for a class I'm taking in June - Daphne Reborn by Michael Boren.

And another project finished as well - my patchwork cushions:

And I also finally started cutting the squares for one of the quilts that I've been gathering supplies for. At my Monday class the tutor said there was a quilting bee I could attend on Friday mornings, so I figure if I do that I may actually get the quilts done (you know, before the kids are too old for pirates and princess castles).


Errol and Marilyn Thompson said...

The cushions look so good - hope they match the nice new furniture.

Z said...

Well, the photo is taken on the new furniture, so you decide :) Not that that's where they'll live - childrens beds are a far more likely place to find them.

MysteryKnitter said...

You can quilt and stitch.