Sunday, July 15, 2012

Progress and new starts

As well as the class I've already posted about I've been doing a bit of other stitching lately. I've made good progress on my Stained Glass Sampler - almost all the 'leadwork' done, just a bit more gold to do:

Next up are a couple of new starts - first for my brothers wedding is Marie Barber's Happily Ever After - I have to thank a wonderful blogger for passing her chart on to me since it's now OOP. Yeah, I know, I need to stitch a bit faster than this if it's to be finished in time.

And for DH's approaching '0' birthday is Sue Hillis' Piracy - it would be going faster except that I'm trying to avoid stitching on it when he's around:

And finally, just for good measure, the latest Lego plane to land here - the Sopwith Camel (it goes nicely with the Fokker DR1 in this post too). There was also a matching small one but I haven't taken a photo of it:


DUSTY said...

Amanda, your stitching looks great !! Who is the designer for the stained glass piece ?? It looks interesting. Love the plane!!

Z said...

The designer is Carol Algie Higginbotham - it's a current (but I think being retired in October) correspondence course with the ANG.

MysteryKnitter said...

Amazing Lego plane! Where does the stained glass go?