Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Happy updates :D

Wow - finishes - yes, multiple. I forgot to take photos of the teacher bookmarks (did I say that already? I can't remember when I last posted) so no photos of them, but they were appreciated.

Then more Sue Hawkins stuff - a scissor fob and matching bookmarker for a friend.

If you like her stuff her website is - and I can highly recommend her kits - generous amounts of materials, great instructions, and apart from stuffing usually everything you need to finish the item is included.

Then there is my fathers piece - I finished that last night and I'm really pleased with how it turned out:

And a progress pic that I never did get around to posting earlier:

Next up for attention - my brothers wedding sampler - hopefully finishing in three weeks for when we see them (sorry no pic, but it's not far different to the last one I posted of it).

And I finished my 3000 piece jigsaw puzzle:

Since last time I posted we also took a road trip to Nashville, and stopped at Graceland on the way up where we saw these wonderful peacock stained glass windows:

Then on the way home we stopped at the Barber Motorsports Museum. If you have any interest at all in motorcycles you need to go there - it was amazing (they even had a Britten bike) - five floors of motorbikes, and some cars, and interesting displays, and overlooking the race track.

And in food news I found Oca (NZ yams) in a local(ish) supermarket today - I've been stalking an online grocery store for them, but they haven't shown up yet, so I was doubly pleased to see them. I'm hoping to save a few to plant - although with my gardening skills I'm not holding out much hope of succeeding, but I'm going to give it a good shot. Now to just find some NZ Marmite (yes, this is different (nicer) to UK Marmite that you can get at World Market) and my pantry will be set :) I have found somewhere not to far away that sells it but they are still out of stock from the lack over the last couple of years due to the earthquake damage at the Christchurch factory.


Silverlotus said...

Really, really lovely finishes. Great job!

And, wow, those peacock windows are something else. I love peacocks.

Cathy said...

Great finishes! Love the jigsaw puzzle. I have never done one with that many pieces. Not sure my table is big enough.