Monday, March 24, 2014

The bug is back

After a break from stitching - partly caused by moving, partly caused by general blahs - I think I'm back to wanting to stitch again. Note: this doesn't mean there will be lots of finishes to show - there's far more likely to be lots of starts :D

But there is at least one finish to show you - DD's jumper (along with reluctant model). And due to my misreading the pattern I made it a size bigger than I intended - this is probably a good thing as I took two years to knit it. On the other hand she is on the smaller side, so it's still too big on her - but at least it will last until next winter, especially since we managed to miss most of this winter (I only finished it a couple of weeks ago). In some photos you can almost tell the sleeves and hood are a different wool to the body - that's because, once again, I failed to read the pattern properly and didn't see the listing for the number of balls of wool to buy until I'd finished knitting. And of course, when I went back to get more wool after finishing up the body and running out of my initial purchase, that wool was no longer available. Oh well, I managed to get fairly close and you mostly can't tell unless you're looking close.

Then I suppose I should give an update of where I'm up to on the wedding sampler (don't think this will be making the first anniversary either):

I think that was all I was in the (active) middle of doing.

So now some new stuff.

First an Easter basket (designed by Cindy Hambrick):

Halloween Treat (an ANG chapter book project by Marilyn Owen) started 2 weeks ago:

And the ANG class I did just this weekend - Austin Postcard by Denise Derusha:

Now do I correct the spelling of weird or do I keep it wierd?

I also got the Texas postcard so hopefully that will show up sometime soon.

I've also signed up for a number of other classes - somehow the buying bug didn't disappear along with the stitchy one, so who knows, maybe some of them will show up here sometime soon too :) And of course as I unpack my stash boxes (almost got some shelves) I might find other things...


Blu said...

OMG! That jumper is gorgeous! I love the pattern. And the colour is so rich. Your DD is so lucky!

The Easter basket is adorable. Lovely start on Halloween Treat. I would fix weird. The misspelling would bother me so much.

Jo said...

The jumper is wonderful, your DD will soon grow into it. Great stitching, I'd end up fixing weird as it would bug me everytime I saw it but if it doesn't bother you then leave it.

Arthemise said...

Wow, you finished the jumper! It's great!

MysteryKnitter said...

Wow, what a jumper! All the best to the new home! Maybe the swan project will be a FO by the 10th anniversary.