Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Desert Diamonds and other progress

I finally finished this class. I actually finished it back on the 13th of December, but I didn't get around to posting it on the blog. So here it is now.

In the evening sun.

Trying to be clever and get the stitches to show up - not sure it worked, but I still like the photo.

Before it was finished, showing the difference between having the background and not having it.

I also had a new year start (or two). I chose Echoes of Elizabeth by Gay Ann Rogers as it's been sitting in my stash calling to me for a while. And since I was doing that I also pulled out Heart of Elizabeth as the two go together. I don't have and aren't interested in the Portrait of Elizabeth, so I think these two are all I'll do of the Elizabeth pieces.

Echoes of Elizabeth

Heart of Elizabeth

I'm thinking I might finish the border on Echoes and then finish up the heart before returning to Echoes.

There has also been more progress on Hot Air Balloons by Audlem Mill too. I'm hoping to have this finished before long, and then I'll work on the third old WIP I pulled out before choosing another group of three.

And I started on the next (and last) round robin which should probably be the first thing I concentrate on stitching.

Last of all, here's my finished by others, but not me yet, round robin :) I have a plan for the corners and borders, and then I guess I'll fill in any gaps that look obvious. But I could still change my mind on what I want to do.


Beth in IL said...

I need to do Echoes of Elizabeth too. The heart is great fun.Lok forward to seeing your progress.

Jo said...

Beautiful finish on Desert Diamonds, love the colours x